What to do in Banovci?

We have opened our tourist attraction farm in March 2008.

Since then we had many visitors from Great Britain, USA and Canada, who were very pleased with us. We are very known bee-keepers in our area – Prlekija. My father has started working with bees over 30 years ago. We have expanded our offer of honey, honey wine and honey liqueur on our beekeeping farm and we are trying to collect Propolis, Gelle-Royale – Queen-bee-food, flowers pollen and plenty more.

On our farm you can sweeten yourself with four kinds of honey, honey wine, honey liqueurs, try flowers pollen and Gelle-Royale directly from the beehive. You will also learn about bee-keepers’ work and on this occasion you will watch our feast of honey pouring. 


The combined use of bee products has proven to be a very good preventive from modern diseases like cancer, stroke or it simply reduces the stress. This knowledge is known also as Apipreventative or Apiterapy (regular use and with bee stings against reuma). Honey is much better food for healthy life than sugar.

To be a bee-keeper 

On our farm you can try to be a bee-keeper yourself. In this case we will dress you up and do not forger to bring your camera along. On our special occasions we are going to harvest honey too. This is our special offer.

Banovci and surandings 

Banovci is a village which got an award from tourist association for the best settled place in Pomurje seven times in the last ten years on account of Thermal Spa Banovci and diligent villagers, settled environment and a Christmas village Banovci.

We can show you the beauty of the world along the river “Mura”, take you for a walk or trip with a bike to the mill “Babič” on the river, paradise “Osterc”, Island of love, to the inn Trnek and to the gravel pits full of fishes or we can take you to the new football and volleyball field in Banovci.

Tourist farm Šalamun, BanovciThe lecture on beekeeping.

Tourist farm Šalamun, BanovciCreating wax figures.

Tourist farm Šalamun, BanovciFarm animals, rabbits

Tourist farm Šalamun, BanovciThe mill “Babič” on the river